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NDIS In-Home Support Service Provider in Australia

Compassionate & Professional In-Home Private Care Customised To Your Specific Needs

Polaris Care provides support for self-care activities and daily tasks to help you build skills for independent living. This assistance covers various aspects, including meal preparation, personal hygiene, medication support, household tasks, and more, to foster your independence.

We strongly believe that everyone, together with their loved ones, should have the freedom to choose and access the best available care. It’s important to us that individuals have control over their daily activities and that their unique care needs are addressed.

Our objective at Polaris Care, an NDIS in-home support service provider in Australia, is to ensure that our clients can pursue their passions, interests, hobbies, and relationships, regardless of any logistical, personal, or health challenges they may encounter. This is why we offer personalised, professional, and compassionate in-home care, providing peace of mind for family carers and supporting the independence of their loved ones.

Our highly experienced and qualified professional care teams approach every interaction with compassion, kindness, and warmth.

There’s no place like YOUR home for happiness and wellbeing

Nothing compares to the comfort and happiness found in your own home. Feeling well and positive becomes more achievable when you’re in a familiar environment, following your routine.

Experienced, qualified, compassionate & friendly care team

Our Polaris Care team consists of experienced, qualified, compassionate, and friendly individuals. Each team member is not only well-qualified and experienced but also reference-checked, and most importantly, they treat your family like their own.

Affordable private in-home care

We understand that high-quality care can be hard to find and sometimes challenging for families to afford. That’s why our services are clear, affordable, and straightforward.

Community participation

  • Walks along the beach or park: Enjoying walks outside helps you stay active and enjoy nature.
  • Running errands (bank or post office): Going to the bank or post office lets you handle important tasks on your own.
  • Lunch or coffee at a cafe: Having meals or drinks at a café is a nice way to relax and socialise.
  • Going to the movies: Watching movies is a fun activity.
  • Attending social or sporting groups: Joining groups helps you make friends and be part of a community.

Maintain health and well-being

  • Attending doctor's appointments Seeing your doctor regularly keeps you healthy and catches any issues early.
  • Exercising: Doing physical activities keeps your body in good shape and makes you feel better.
  • Assistance with a healthy meal plan: Getting help with planning healthy meals ensures you eat well.
  • Assistance with medication: Support in taking medications as prescribed keeps you on track with your health.
  • Assistance in following plans from health professionals: Following advice from experts helps you manage your health better.

Achieve personal goals

  • Teaching, encouraging, prompting, and supporting for independent living Learning and practising skills to help you live on your own.
  • Assistance in attending classes and developing skills: Support in learning new things helps you grow and achieve personal goals.
  • Assistance with household tasks: Help with chores like washing dishes and making the bed to keep your home tidy.
  • Help with domestic tasks (washing clothes): Assistance with laundry ensures you have clean clothes.
  • Assisting with menu planning, meal preparation, and budgeting: Getting support in planning meals and managing money helps you meet your goals.

Assistance with daily living

  • Help with personal grooming Getting assistance with grooming tasks, like brushing teeth or showering, keeps you clean and comfortable.
  • Assisting with getting dressed and tying shoes: Support with dressing helps you be independent in daily activities.
  • Support in getting out and about: Help in using public transport makes it easier to go places.
  • Assistance with meal preparation: Getting help with cooking ensures you have delicious and nutritious meals.
  • Assistance with eating meals: Support during meals makes sure you enjoy your food comfortably.

Assistance with household tasks

  • Assistance with household tasks: Providing support with domestic chores such as washing dishes, doing laundry, and making beds.
  • Help with menu planning: Assisting in planning meals to meet dietary needs and preferences.
  • Meal preparation: Helping with cooking and preparing nutritious meals according to planned menus.
  • Budgeting: Offering guidance and support in managing finances related to grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Get the right in-home care…

How you want it, where you want it, when you need it

Polaris Care is here to help with in-home care designed for your needs. Whether you need to care through a government-approved package or right away, we’re ready to assist without any delays.

When you choose Polaris Care, you get caring and friendly in-home carers who aim to build strong relationships with you and your loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you need a few hours of help each week or constant care from our specialise for serious conditions – we’re here for you.

You can get support for a short time, like a day or two, or for a more extended period, even for several months or years. The most important thing is that you get the care you need, the way you want it, and exactly when you need it. Polaris Care, an NDIS in-home support service provider in Australia, is here to provide expert in-home care, whether you need a little help each week or ongoing support. If you want to know more about our services or need different support, just let us know. We have experience in all kinds of care services and are here to help with what you need.

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