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NDIS Respite Care service provider in Australia

Polaris Care offers NDIS Respite Care service through short-term accommodation. This option is a great way for carers to have a break and for the individual to experience a lifestyle change and enjoy different opportunities. This service can be used for up to 14 days at a time, including planned holidays with a support worker. Our staff will make sure your experiences are unique, which suits your needs and help you to achieve your goals. We will work with you to identify a suitable destination and ensure all details, including quality accommodations, are discussed with you and organised to meet your needs.

What is In-home respite care?

Taking care of a partner, parent, child, or another loved one is a big job. Sometimes, all caregivers need a break to do other daily activities or simply relax and take care of themselves.

In-home Respite care is a way to give caregivers a short break. It means getting help from a qualified and experienced professional to take over for a little while so that the caregiver can have some time off. This can range from a few hours to overnight, or even for a whole day. One great thing about in-home respite care is that it’s very flexible. Caregivers can decide how much time they need away from their caring role.

In-home Respite care can be adjusted to fit the needs of the person being cared for. So, no matter how much care is required, there’s a service available to match those needs.


Is it possible to get respite care in-home?

While there are different NDIS Respite Care service options in special care places, at Polaris Care, we know how valuable it is for people to stay in their own homes, where everything is familiar. That’s why we provide top-notch, reasonably priced, and personalised care services right in your home.
Is Respite a good idea


Our Short Term Accommodation service provides 24/7 support, allowing individuals to explore new places while taking steps towards independence. It’s a great option for making the most of excess funding.

NDIS Respite Care service provider in Australia offers families a much-needed breakthrough in-home or centre-based support. Planning a holiday with a support worker is an effective way to set and achieve extra goals. These services are designed to support individuals and families, whether it’s exploring new places or taking a well-deserved break.

About Our Respite Care Services

What can I get help with?

  • Personal care and support with daily tasks
  • Help with meals
  • Transport
  • Overnight assistance
  • Transition from hospital to home
  • Social support and company

A dedication to exceptional individuals

We meticulously choose and evaluate your team to ensure the finest experience for you. That's why our customers appreciate their care workers, giving them a rating of 8.9/10*.

A focus on quality support

We make sure our new care workers get weeks of training and ongoing support from our coaches and quality team. Our goal is to give you the best, consistent care.

Transparent Communication

We'll keep you updated at every stage, and our friendly team will stay in touch regarding your support.​

Expert help with funding

Our experienced staff will assist you in understanding the various types of home care funding, guiding you to find the best option for your needs.

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