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Melbourne's Dedicated NDIS Supported Independent Living Specialists

At Polaris Care, everyone deserves the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Our supported independent living services in Melbourne are designed to empower individuals with disabilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives in a supportive and nurturing environment. We provide personalised care tailored to each individual’s unique needs and aspirations, ensuring they have the resources and assistance needed to thrive.

We understand the unique needs and aspirations of individuals with disabilities. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to delivering the highest standard of care with compassion, respect, and empathy. We believe in building trusting relationships with our clients and their families, ensuring their voices are heard, and their goals are supported at every step.

Polaris Care

Supported Independent Living (SIL): Enhancing Quality Of Life

We at Polaris Care specialise in supported independent living (SIL). This type of support involves not only assisting with daily tasks, but also helping NDIS participants live more independently and develop skills.

Our SIL services are not limited to a shared living environment but can be tailored to individual living arrangements. We understand the importance of personalisation, and our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each participant.

We aim to provide the right level of support while promoting autonomy and self-reliance. This support can include assistance with daily tasks, personal care, household chores, and community participation to encourage independence and enhance quality of life.


  • 24 hours of support
  • Passive and active nights are available.
  • Encourage and support independent living
  • Trained staff to provide health and medication support
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Assistance with regular appointments
  • Support for diabetes-related health conditions

  • Implementing behaviour support plans
  • Coordinating with multiple health professionals for participants
  • Transport to community participation
  • Help and skill development around shopping, budgeting, cooking, etc.
  • Mental health support


How To Access Sil Services?

Assessment of Needs: An evaluation determines the participant’s support needs, preferences, and goals. This assessment helps to develop a tailored support plan.
Incorporation into NDIS Plan: Once the support needs are identified, SIL funding can be included in the participant’s NDIS plan. The plan outlines the specific supports required and the associated budget.
Choosing a SIL Provider: Participants can select SIL providers in Melbourne that best meet their needs. It’s essential to research and evaluate potential providers, considering their experience, reputation, and the range of services they offer.
Developing a Support Plan: The chosen provider works with the participant to create a detailed support plan outlining the daily supports, goals, and strategies for achieving greater independence.
Ongoing Review and Adjustment: SIL support plans are regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed to ensure they continue to meet the participant’s evolving needs and goals.


Empowering Independence: Our Approach To SIL

At Polaris Care, our Supported Independent Living (SIL) approach is rooted in a commitment to individual empowerment and tailored support.

We prioritise person-centred care, recognising the unique strengths, preferences, and goals of each individual we support. Our comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of daily living, including personal care, household tasks, social engagement, and community participation.

We believe in providing flexible and customised services that adapt to each individual’s changing needs and preferences.

Working closely with participants and their support networks, we design personalised support plans to promote independence and self-determination. Our goal is to empower individuals to make choices, develop life skills, and take control of their own lives.

We promote social inclusion and community participation, helping individuals to build meaningful connections and relationships within their communities.

Our dedicated support workers are experienced, trained, and compassionate, committed to providing high-quality care and support with dignity and respect.

We are committed to continuous improvement, regularly reviewing and evaluating our practices to meet the evolving needs of those we support. Our approach to Supported Independent Living is guided by a dedication to empowering individuals, promoting independence, and enhancing the overall well-being of the people we serve.

Discover Our Range Of Services

Personalised Care Plans

We collaborate closely with each individual and their families to develop customised care plans that address their needs and goals. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of our client's well-being are considered, from daily living assistance to community involvement.

Independent Living Skills Development

Our team of SIL in Melbourne is dedicated to helping clients build essential skills for independent living. We offer training and support in personal care, household management, budgeting, and meal preparation, fostering greater self-reliance and confidence.

Health And Well-Being Support

Maintaining good health is crucial for independence. Polaris Care provides access to medical care coordination, medication management, and wellness programs to support our clients' physical and mental health.

Social And Recreational Activities

We encourage active participation in social and recreational activities that promote community integration and personal growth. Our clients enjoy a variety of events and outings designed to foster friendships, hobbies, and a sense of belonging.

Safe And Comfortable Living Environments

Our supported living homes are designed to be safe, comfortable, and welcoming. Each residence is equipped with the necessary modifications and supports to ensure accessibility and ease of living for our clients.

We can take care of your Loved one

Contact Us: Your Guide To Communication

Our dedicated and proficient team of supported independent living in Melbourne is committed to assisting individuals and their families or guardians in identifying their housing requirements.

We offer comprehensive support to clients in locating and maintaining a secure and comfortable living environment and facilitating their integration into the community.

We aim to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your overall health and well-being. Our Support Workers are available to aid you with various tasks such as cooking, household organisation, community engagement, and personal grooming.

With our experienced team available 24/7, we are always here to provide personalised care. As NDIS-supported independent living services providers in Melbourne, we prioritise meeting your needs.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about our supported independent living services, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Polaris Care can help you achieve a brighter, more independent future.

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