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NDIS Supported Independent Living service providers in Australia

Polaris Care specialises in supporting individuals with their daily living tasks whilst building life skills to live an independent life. Polaris Care offers SIL services in both the individual’s home and in shared living arrangements.
Polaris Care

What is Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a funding programme by NDIS that helps people with disabilities live more independently. It could mean getting support to live in your own home full-time or sharing a home with others. SIL provides a professional support worker to assist with daily tasks, aiming to help participants improve their ability to live on their own.

In our SIL service, we have shared living arrangements where people live together, receiving 24/7 care and personal support from our team. We’re here to help you live as independently as possible by assisting with everyday tasks like personal care, cooking, cleaning, and anything else you might need.


  • 24 hours of support
  • Passive and active nights are available.
  • Encourage and support independent living
  • Trained staff to provide health and medication support
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Assistance with regular appointments
  • Support for diabetes-related health conditions

  • Implementing behaviour support plans
  • Coordinating with multiple health professionals for participants
  • Transport to community participation
  • Help and skill development around shopping, budgeting, cooking, etc.
  • Mental health support


Our Approach to Supported Independent Living

With our NDIS Supported Independent Living service, our goal is to give you the best place to live where you can be free, happy, and as independent as possible – a place you can truly call your ‘Forever Home.’ We offer a range of services to make sure people with disabilities can live on their own, happy and fulfilled. Our SIL services focus on maintaining your current independence skills, developing new ones, and providing daily care support to meet your needs and achieve your goals. We create a caring environment that helps you build your abilities, supports your independence, and gives you chances to learn new skills and pursue your interests. We specialise in providing personalised supported accommodation services. When we set up your support team and accommodation plan, we look at your needs, goals, and lifestyle completely. Together, we’ll figure out what you need, and we’ll be there to help make sure you can live happily and independently.

Our NDIS Supported Independent Living Services

Our services are for people of all ages and abilities who want extra support to make the most out of life. Here are some examples of the everyday help we provide:

  • Taking care of laundry and keeping the house tidy
  • Assisting with personal hygiene, like showering and getting dressed
  • Cooking and serving delicious and healthy meals tailored to your diet
  • Providing transportation and help with appointments and other plans
  • Supporting with managing and taking medications
  • Helping you pick up a new hobby
  • Assisting with using public transportation or learning how to
  • Organising activities for exercise and mental well-being
  • Engaging in community activities together
We can take care of your Loved one

We know there’s no place like home.

Our team of friendly and skilled staff will help individuals and their families or guardians figure out what they need in a home. We support clients in finding and keeping a stable place to live and connecting with the community, making sure you have the power to make choices for their overall health and well-being. Support Workers are here to assist you with cooking, keeping your home in order, going out into the community, and taking care of personal grooming and hygiene. Our experienced team provides care centred around you 24/7, so we’re here whenever you need us. As NDIS Supported Independent Living service providers in Australia.

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