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NDIS Social and Community Participation Service in Australia

We at Polaris Care strongly believe all participants should be able to join community and Social Participation activities like everyone else. We believe these essential social and community interactions lead to significant improvements in people’s confidence, motivations and overall physical and mental health.

Polaris care team and support workers are highly experienced in getting you ready for community participation. Finding and connecting you with the NDIS community and Social Participation activities of your choice and interest, and then helping you stay connected.

Everyone needs to take part in activities they enjoy because it helps build confidence and skills. That’s why our disability support workers encourage people with disabilities to participate in community activities and events. This involvement helps them develop and move towards independent living, working towards both short and long-term goals. If you’re looking to meet new people, try out new activities, and live more independently, the NDIS community and social participation service provider in Australia can guide you in the right direction.

How does it work

Our experienced team works with you to assess and identify social and community participation activities that are essential to you, as well as activities that you like and enjoy. Once identified, we provide you with essential support to get you ready and connect you with the activities, with the ultimate aim of making you as independent as possible to participate in these activities.

Once you are connected and start doing things you really like and enjoy, we will support you to keep going. From time to time, we help you review these participations and, if necessary, redesign and reimplement support to make sure changes in your lifestyle, needs, and preferences always get priority and are always accommodated.

We can help you with...

  • Shopping and Getting Groceries
  • Transportation (Driving/Public)
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Using Phone/Technology
  • Medical appointments
  • Companionship/Socialisation
  • Assistance attending to hobbies requiring dexterity or fine motor skills
  • Care of pets

Polaris Care, Australia

We Plan Various Outdoor Social Events, Helping You Socialise With Others

Individuals with disabilities often feel they miss out on important life experiences. However, by stepping outside and taking part in social activities, they can actively engage with the world, fostering a stronger sense of connection and belonging. Polaris Care offers support for activities designed to be highly beneficial as an NDIS community and social participation service provider. Participants join group and individual outings, explore places of interest or discover new ones, enrich their social experiences, and overcome social isolation through social activities.


Your Unique Path to Independence and Fun!

Our experienced team collaborates with you to assess and pinpoint NDIS community and social participation service activities that are not only essential, but also align with your likes and interests. Once these activities are identified, we offer crucial support to prepare you for engagement, facilitating connections with the ultimate goal of enhancing your independence in participating.

Once you are actively involved in activities you genuinely enjoy, we continue to provide ongoing support. Periodically, we assist you in reviewing these engagements and, if needed, adjust and reintroduce supports to ensure that any changes in your lifestyle, needs, and preferences always take precedence and are accommodated effectively.


  • 24 hours of support
  • Passive and active nights are available.
  • Encourage and support independent living
  • Trained staff to provide health and medication support
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Assistance with regular appointments
  • Support for diabetes-related health conditions

  • Implementing behaviour support plans
  • Coordinating with multiple health professionals for participants
  • Transport to community participation
  • Help and skill development around shopping, budgeting, cooking, etc.
  • Mental health support


We'll help you enjoy being part of your community

Expand your horizons

Living regionally doesn't have to limit your options – we'll support you to achieve your goals through experiences that go beyond the everyday.

Make new friends

Spending time with friends warms the heart – with our support, you can socialise more and build relationships, whether it's at one of our centres or out in the community.

Live your best life

Let's think past the obvious – our support services help you build your skills and capacity to make the most of every day.

Experience Australia's Best with NDIS Community Participation

Customised Support Just for You

Our focus is on you, not us. That’s why our services are flexible and designed specifically for your needs and choices. This approach gives you the power to enhance your abilities and independence.


Discover New Things with Our Support

With us, you can try new things in a supportive environment. We’ll collaborate with you to create a blend of supports that encourage and assist you to:
  • Socialise with your friends
  • Build relationships
  • Boost your skills, abilities, and confidence
  • Be part of the community
  • Think creatively about the support you want and need
  • Depending on what suits you best, we may support you individually, or you can join a group either at one of our centres or out in the community.
We’re Your Biggest Supporters! Furthermore, we’re here to cheer you on! Our goal is to help you be the best you can be. We’ll continue to support you as your needs and goals change, both now and in the future.

Finding the Perfect Support Team for You

Having the right support people can make a difference. We ensure that you feel comfortable and get along well with your support team. Our experienced staff takes the time to listen to what you want to do, and together, we create a mix of services that focus on those experiences. Your reliable and friendly Polaris Care team will stay in touch and include you in coming up with creative and new ways to achieve what you want. As an NDIS Community and Social Participation service provider in Australia, we are committed to ensuring your needs are met with excellence.

We can help you with

  • We can assist with shopping and getting groceries.
  • Transportation services are available, including driving or using public transportation.
  • Planning and preparing meals is part of our support.
  • Assistance with using phones and technology is provided.
  • We can help with scheduling and attending medical appointments.
  • Companionship and socialisation support are offered.
  • Assistance is available for hobbies requiring dexterity or fine motor skills.
  • Care of pets is also part of our services.
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