Community and Social Participation


We at Polaris Care strongly believe all participants should be able join social and community activities like everyone else. We believe these essential social and community interactions leads to significant improvements in peoples confidence, motivations and overall physical and mental health.

Polaris care team and support workers are highly experienced in getting you ready for community participation. Finding and connecting you with the social and community activities of your choice and interest and then helping you staying connected.

How does it work

Our experienced team works with you in assessing and identifying social and community participation activities which are essential to you and also activities which you like and enjoy. Once identified, we provide you essential support to get you ready and connecting you with the activities with ultimate aim of making you as independent as possible to participate in these activities.

Once you are connected and start doing things you really like and enjoy we support you to keep going. From time to time we help you review these participations and if necessary redesign and reimplement supports to make sure change in your lifestyle, needs and preferences always gets priority and are always accommodated.

We can help you with...

  • Shopping/ Getting Groceries
  • Transportation (Driving/Public)
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Using Phone/Technology
  • Medical appointments
  • Companionship/Socialization
  • Assistance attending to hobbies requiring dexterity or fine motor skill
  • Care of pets

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