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Do you or someone you know have a disability? Supported Independent Living (SIL) could help. It provides support and resources to help people with disabilities live more independently and enjoy life more. Understanding what SIL offers can make a big difference.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about SIL, why it’s so important, and how it helps people with disabilities become more independent. So, let’s get started and learn how SIL can change lives!

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a form of paid assistance provided through the NDIS to help individuals with disabilities live on their own with support. SIL offers help with everyday tasks like getting dressed, cooking, and personal care, aiming to enhance independence and life skills.

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL) in the NDIS?

Some SIL recipients need round-the-clock support, while others require assistance during specific times of the day. The funding for SIL covers the expenses of support workers who aid with various activities, such as showering, meal preparation, and household chores.

When selecting a SIL provider, it’s essential to compare their services and costs, meet with them, and ask how they can assist you. Polaris Care specialises in supporting individuals with their daily tasks while fostering independence. They offer SIL services both in the individual’s own home and in shared living setups.

Benefits of Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Five key benefits of SIL:

  1. Create a lifestyle that suits you

Supported Independent Living lets you professionally shape your lifestyle. You might currently live with a family that has helped you a lot. But with SIL, you can keep your family close while having your place. A friendly and skilled assistant will be there to help you with daily tasks, so you can spend more quality time with your loved ones.

The main goal of Supported Independent Living is to help you become more independent in a safe and supportive environment. You can start to settle into a new way of living that matches your interests, personality, and goals, knowing you have the support you need.

  1. Get daily support while you develop your skills

In Supported Independent Living, you have expert help whenever you need it. This environment helps you become more independent while always having support available. The type of help you get depends on what you need and what goals you’ve set in your NDIS plan.

Whether you live alone or with others, a lifestyle assistant is there around the clock to support you in your home. Day-to-day, they can help with cooking, cleaning, shopping, transportation, and personal care. They can also assist you in learning new skills like budgeting, socialising, and keeping a healthy routine.

The best part is, that this support happens in your own space, in a way that suits your lifestyle, personality, needs, and goals.

  1. Get more social opportunities

NDIS SIL providers can offer support to participate in a community you want to be a part of, where you can meet new friends and hang out regularly. They encourage social events, but you’re not pressured to join if you don’t want to. You get to decide when and with whom you want to socialise.

The SIL provider can also help you organise support for you to attend social gatherings that you can attend if you’re interested.

  1. Combine freedom with security

(SIL), your well-being is the most important thing. This means not just meeting your needs, but also making sure you’re happy. Good SIL providers understand this and create a safe and functional environment where you can pursue your interests and hobbies.

A good SIL arrangement helps you make healthy lifestyle choices and daily routine choices. It also supports you in reaching your goals and becoming more independent. SIL respects your individuality and doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it adapts to your changing needs and goals.

  1. Develop your confidence to gain more independence

The main aim of SIL is to help you become more independent over time. With the help of skilled support workers and a supportive environment, you can achieve both short-term and long-term goals that can change your life. A good support worker does more than just help with everyday tasks.

They take the time to get to know you, understand your goals, and help you learn new skills that can make you stronger in the future. They should be sensitive to your needs and personality, and encourage you in a way that boosts your confidence and belief in yourself.

How SIL Can Work for You

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a program that assists individuals with disabilities or special needs to live more independently while still receiving necessary support. Here’s how it can work for you:

  • You’ll receive support customised to your specific needs, such as help with daily tasks like cooking, dressing, and household chores.
  • You have the freedom to make decisions about your life, including choosing your support workers, deciding on your daily routines, and selecting your living arrangements.
  • SIL offers flexibility in where you live and the level of support you receive. Whether you prefer to live alone, with friends, or in a shared housing arrangement, the program can accommodate your preferences.
  • Support workers can assist you in developing important life skills such as budgeting, cooking, shopping, and using public transportation, empowering you to become more independent.
  • SIL encourages participation in community activities and helps you build connections with others. Support workers can assist you in accessing community resources and engaging in social activities.
  • The program takes a comprehensive approach to support, addressing not only your physical needs but also your emotional, social, and psychological well-being.
  • SIL focuses on helping you achieve your personal goals, whether they are related to education, employment, independent living skills, or social relationships.
  • Support workers can advocate on your behalf and provide you with the tools and resources to advocate for yourself effectively, ensuring that your rights and needs are met.

Experience the Freedom of SIL with Polaris Care

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Experience the freedom of Supported Independent Living (SIL) with Polaris Care. We’re here to assist individuals with disabilities in Victoria under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our team understands the transformative power of SIL and is committed to helping you lead a more independent life. Contact Polaris Care today to start your journey towards a brighter future. Let’s work together to make it happen.


  1. How do I know if SIL is right for me or my loved one with a disability?

SIL could be suitable if you or your loved one with a disability seek greater independence while still requiring some support with daily tasks. Assessing individual needs and preferences can help determine if SIL aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

  1. Can I choose my support workers with SIL?

Yes, one of the benefits of SIL is the freedom to select your support workers. This allows for personalised care and ensures compatibility between the individual receiving support and their caregivers.

  1. What types of activities or tasks can be supported under SIL?

SIL can assist with a variety of tasks tailored to individual needs, including personal care, meal preparation, household chores, transportation, budgeting, socialisation, and accessing community resources. The goal is to enhance independence while providing necessary support.

  1. How does Supported Independent Living (SIL) promote community involvement and socialisation?

Support workers can accompany individuals on outings, offering assistance and encouragement while fostering social connections which can lead to more community involvement and socialisation.

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